Free Courses And Certifications For Web Developers

Free Courses And Certifications For Web Developers

Web development involves the development of a website for intranet or internet. It can be a simple webpage that is static or a complicated web application. For learning web development, courses and certifications can be completed online. Web development courses usually contain sessions that explain concepts to varying depths. If you are beginning with web development, choose a course that starts with the basics of web design and then takes it to the advanced topics of testing and developing applications.  Courses can be helpful for beginners as well as professionals who want to be ready for the industry of front-end, backend as well as full-stack development. Courses also can offer hands-on experience of web development, and can also offer features and tools that can be useful in the development of your own advanced website. Courses and certifications online can be done and completed in your free time as well. Beginning with and learning web development does not have to be difficult. 

Before you pick a course, it is wise to decide on what technology of web development you want to master. A lot of options can be chosen from languages to frameworks. Listed here are the programming languages that are popularly used for any web development. 

  • JavaScript is primarily used for web applications. 
  • Python is majorly used for making desktop as well as web applications. 
  • C++ is used for making mobile as well as desktop applications. 
  • C# is used for the development of desktop as well as mobile apps.
  • PHP and Perl are used for developing any web application.

The courses listed below are those that cover the languages listed above and can be used for learning free of cost. Gaining a certificate will give you the validation of your skills and is also a good addition to your resume. 

1. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp offers courses that cover various web development technologies, from basics such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, to Node.js and MongoDB. A free certificate is also made available. This platform is gaining popularity for learning skills for web development. The curriculum offered consisted of various challenges to be completed, both of beginner level as well as advanced level. The videos are helpful for anyone who wants to gain a good and clear understanding of the logic and concepts. 

If you are beginning with web development, FreeCodeCamp courses are highly recommended. It starts with the simple and basic concepts of web development and then continues on to advanced topics. Development skills can be enhanced with Node.js and your database skills with the help of MongoDB. 

2. CS50 Introduction to Computer Science

The certificate of this course is not available for free. This course is the most famous course online for computer science. It is suited for beginners and started from the basis of web development. The faculty from Harvard University have developed the course and it is made available to students across the globe. 

Many software developers have quoted this course in their success journeys. To get the certificate after completion of the course, you may have to pay the fee. The course itself consisted of assignments, projects as well as quizzes. As you make progress in the course, you will be moving closer to developing the skills of a successful software developer. 

3. Computer Programming by Khan Academy

Free Courses are offered and made publicly available so that students can learn different technologies. The web development course offered is handy for learning front-end technologies. The course is highly concentrated mostly on HTML, CSS, JavaScript. If this course is done right, with all the practice, you can become a front-end developer. CSS and JavaScript are more focused on the core of web design, and these skills will be able to get you a good job in the field of web design. The course does not offer a free certificate. 

4. The Odin Project

The open-source community has designed and made this course available, although it does not offer a free certificate. The course begins at the basics and then goes on to advanced levels to help you in the development of your skills. The course will help you start with the development of your websites, social media platforms as well as online games. The backend programming language offered by this course is Ruby on Rails. This language has great career prospects for those who want to work as full-stack developers. This course can also be helpful for making Ruby on Rails your primary language. 


This is a provider of free online courses of web development, without fee certificates. The tutorials of these courses are designed by experts in this industry. You can learn from tutorials that focus solely on the front-end or back-end skills of web development. The curriculum is perfectly designed to suit beginners. You can also treat it as a secondary course for developing your skills further. This course can also be done with other web development courses listed here. Using multiple sources for learning can be effective if used smartly. 

6. UpSkill Essential Web Developer Course

This is a great resource for students who want to go into the field of web development, but it does not offer a free certificate. The curriculum is greatly detailed and it begins at the basics of web concepts. Completing this course will help you learn both front-end and back-end technologies. 

7. Foundations of Front-end Web Development by Udemy

This course is made available for free by Udemy, along with a free certificate, the main focus being the front-end technologies of web development. It is suitable for those who want to become web designers and get a free certificate along with a good learning experience. The basics covered are HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with some advanced technologies like jQuery and Backbone.js. The course also has a comprehensive structure to learn responsive web design. 

8. Modern Web Design by TheGymnasium

This course is ideal to become good at HTML and CSS, the basics of web development as well as aesthetics and principles of design that are followed by the majority of the developers in the industry today. The JavaScript taught in this course will help you build a good foundation for web design. There is an examination at the end of this course that can help you earn a free certificate if you score 80% or more.

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