How to Create a Giveaway to Grow Your Email List by 150%

How to Create a Giveaway to Grow Your Email List by 150%

Do you want to create a giveaway to grow your email list and get more email subscribers?

Using Giveaways, you can quickly grow your email list, increase web traffic, and boost sales. They help you reach new audiences and grow user engagement on your website.

In this piece of writing, we will show how to use a giveaway to expand your email list easily.

Why create a Giveaway to Grow Your Email List?

The users who sign up for your emails are already interested and connected to the products and services provided by you, making them more likely to convert into your paying customers and subscribers. But, the most difficult part is to get more users to join your email list.

This is where creating a giveaway or running a contest on your WordPress site is useful.

Giveaways are helpful to grow your email list, get more social media subscribers, and increase web traffic on your site.

These give you instant results by creating a sense of urgency and the fear of missing out, enabling your readers to participate in the contest. Plus, you can gain new audiences using giveaways and bring more email subscribers to your WordPress site.

Now, let’s move ahead to how you can get started with your giveaway.

Select a Prize for Your Giveaway

Before creating a giveaway, you must select an attractive prize for your giveaway. A good prize can excite your website visitors to take part in the giveaway and subscribe to your email list.

You can start by offering a prize according to your work and target audience. For example, if you own an online store, then you can giveaway free shipping, gift cards, or free products as prizes. 

Now, let’s move on to creating a giveaway in WordPress.

Create a Giveaway in WordPress

The RafflePress is the finest WordPress giveaway plugin that allows you to create giveaways quickly and easily set up a contest in WordPress.

The plugin comes with a free version of RafflePress and RafflePress Pro version.

We are using the Pro version for now because it allows you to sync with popular email marketing services and also offers more giveaway actions. 

To start, you have to install and activate the RafflePress plugin. You can see our tutorial on how to install a WordPress plugin for more details.

After activation, you will see the welcome screen of RafflePress in the WordPress dashboard. Now, enter the license key and click on the ‘Verify Key’ tab. 

Note: You will get your license key in your RafflePress account area.

After that, scroll down and click the ‘Create Your First Giveaway’ tab to launch the RafflePress giveaway builder.

Next, you have to keep a name for your giveaway campaign and then choose one of the templates.

As your purpose is to grow your email list, go on and click the ‘Grow Your Email List’ template.

Now, add details about your giveaway under the ‘Details’ section in the left sidebar.

Enter a name and description for the giveaway. In addition, You can add images choose the giveaway start and end time and the date.

Then, go to the ‘Actions’ section, where you can select the ways your users can take part in the giveaway.

In the Grow, Your Email List template RafflePress adds the ‘Join the Email Newsletter’ option by default. In addition, you can select more actions like allowing users to visit your YouTube channel or follow you on Twitter.

Keeping a focus on growing your email list, you can add more entry options to the Join Newsletter action because the more entry options people have, the better engagement you will get.

Click the ‘Join an Email Newsletter’ action in the template to customize it.

RafflePress allows you to select the number of entries a user will get. Also, You can edit the title text automatically add users to the email list when they signup for the giveaway. 

Then make the action mandatory.

You can use a higher value to motivate more users to sign up. For example, you can assign a ‘+3’ value so that users can have three entries when they sign up for the newsletter.

The next option, display opt-in confirmation, ensures that contestants permit to add them to your email list.

After that, you have to select an email marketing service from the ‘Select an Integration’ dropdown menu. 

RafflePress integrates with popular services like MailchimpConstant ContactAWeber, ActiveCampaign, SendinBlue, and more.

After selecting an email marketing service, you have to connect it with your giveaway next.

Note: Every email platform will have different settings to connect with RafflePress. Follow the onscreen steps and enter the required details like client ID, security keys, API key, or authorization code.

Then, you can visit the ‘Design’ section from the left menu to customize the appearance of your giveaway.

RafflePress provides you options for changing the layout button color, adding a page background, editing the background color fonts, and entering custom CSS.



After that, visit the ‘Settings’ section from the left menu to edit the general settings of the giveaway like page permalink, name, and more.

After adjusting the changes, click the ‘Save’ tab at the top.

Then, you have to publish your giveaway. Click the ‘Publish’ button at the top.

RafflePress provides you with different options to publish your giveaway as a block in a page/post, landing page, or widget.

We’ll select the ‘Giveaway Landing Page’ option as it’s easy and quick.

Now, click the View Page tab to see your live giveaway in action.

Promote your Giveaway

Once your giveaway is live, you must promote it so that more people can take part and join your email list.

You can promote your giveaway contest in many ways. Make your giveaway visible on your website and display it on the most important pages of your site, your homepage, and your sidebar.

For instance, creating a floating bar on your homepage with your giveaway link will boost your contest’s visibility. In addition, You can add countdown timers on your site to create urgency.

Moreover, you can promote your giveaway on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get more participants. It can help you add your followers to your email list who have not subscribed yet.

Besides that, Sending web push notifications can also improve user engagement for your contest. You can offer your push notification subscribers to join your email list if they haven’t done yet or refer their family and friends.

Choose a Giveaway Winner

When your giveaway runs to the end time, you can choose a winner. RafflePress helps you pick a winner at random.

You have to visit  RafflePress » Giveaways page from your WordPress admin dashboard. Then, click the ‘Needs Winners’ option.

Next, you have to enter how many winners you want to pick for the giveaway. Once you’ve adjusted your settings, click on the ‘Choose Winners Now’ tab.

RafflePress will now select a winner for the giveaway randomly. Then, You can email the winner to get their prize.

We hope this write-up helped you create a giveaway to grow your email list.


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