how to create a TikTok giveaway contest in WordPress

How to create a TikTok giveaway contest in WordPress? 

Are you searching for a fun & engaging way to grow your brand? Hosting a TikTok giveaway contest can be an excellent way to reach a wide audience, increase brand engagement and gain more followers. But how to create a TikTok giveaway contest in WordPress, and more importantly, how to ensure that it reaches your target audience?  If you are aiming for a quick & simple way to create a giveaway, this guide is ideal for you. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the easiest way to create an engaging TikTok giveaway contest in WordPress. This will walk you through the step-wise process from setting up the giveaway contest to promoting it to your audience. With our quick and easy guide, you’ll be able to create a successful TikTok giveaway contest that not only helps you drive increased traffic to your website but also helps you grow your brand.  

So, without further ado, let’s dive in! 

Why you should create a TikTok giveaway contest in WordPress?

TikTok is a famous social media platform with over one billion users worldwide. The idea behind a TikTok contest is simple, the larger the audience reach, the greater the likelihood of increasing conversions and sales, leading to online success. 

Besides this, there could be multiple advantages to employing TikTok for the brand’s promotion and expansion. Because of its enormous and rising audience, running a TikTok giveaway contest in WordPress can be an effective and fruitful way to advance and thrive online. It can help you market your brand, increase brand awareness, boost user engagement, and build loyal customers. This can drive increased traffic to your brand and bring more sales and leads, resulting in faster brand success. 

How to create a TikTok giveaway contest in WordPress? 

Now that you’ve discovered how profitable holding a TikTok giveaway contest can be for business growth let’s dive deeper into the step-by-step process of creating and hosting the contest. 

1. Set goals for your giveaway contest 

Before you start creating a TikTok giveaway contest in WordPress, the first essential step is to decide your end goal. Ask yourself why you want to host a TikTok giveaway in WordPress. What is your marketing goal with this giveaway contest? This step is vital and will help you at the end of the contest to assess your contest results when it’s over. This can aid you in learning new things and gaining experience, and devising your future contest strategy accordingly.  

For instance, you might desire to increase your TikTok following, spread awareness of your brand or TikTok account, or drive increased traffic to your website to gain increased profits. Whatever your reason is, take note of it and continue reading the blog to move ahead with the method. 

Another notable thing that you must consider is the type of your TikTok account. TikTok includes two different account types: ‘Creator,’ which is suitable for individuals, artists, or influences, and ‘Business,’ which is suitable for brands, businesses, or service providers.  

If you want to include your business link in your bio to drive increased traffic to your site, you’d need a business account. If you own a creator account, you can simply switch to a business account. 

It’s critical to understand that if you wish to add a business link to your profile, you must have at least 5000 followers. 

If you haven’t reached that point yet, it’s preferable to focus on your TikTok strategy to boost user engagement and increase your loyal following. 

2. Select an attractive prize for your giveaway contest 

The next thing is to choose a relevant and attractive prize that can entice visitors and encourage them to participate in your contest. This is critical for attracting a relevant audience and increasing the number of contest participants.

For example, if you sell courses online, you may provide free consultations and trials; if you run a fashion blog or store, you can offer free accessories, discount coupons on beauty items, and so on. 

Once you’ve decided on your giveaway, go to the following step. 

3. Set basic rules and guidelines for your giveaway contest 

To run a contest smoothly, you must set and follow the basic rules and guidelines to avoid any errors and misunderstandings. You can decide for your contest who and how users can participate in your giveaway contest and how you will choose the winner. In addition, you must follow the marketing guidelines of TikTok to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

4. Get started with a Giveaway plugin. 

Now that you’ve determined your TikTok giveaway contest’s goal, prize, and rules, you can begin creating your giveaway and launching it on your website. 

Instead of posting a giveaway directly on your TikTok account, placing it on your WordPress site gives you more customization options and control over your contest. Here, we’re using the effective WP plugin RafflePress to build a TikTok giveaway in WordPress and simplify the setup procedure.  

RafflePress is the finest WP giveaway plugin that lets you create multiple types of giveaways in no time. It comes with a drag & drop feature and allows you to choose from ready-made giveaway templates and lets you create a beautiful giveaway for your business. Later you can choose an entry method from various options to raise brand awareness, site traffic, and social media following effortlessly. 

So, let’s get started with RafflePress. 

5. Install and activate RafflePress.  

Now to go ahead with the plugin RafflePress. You have to install & activate it on your website. RafflePress has its free and paid versions. The free version is featureful and allows you to run beautiful and engaging competitions and giveaways. However, for this tutorial, we need the premium version as it contains ready-made templates for the TikTok giveaway. 

So, go ahead and install & activate the RafflePress plugin. If you are new to WordPress installation, please refer to our easy guide on plugin installation.  

After activation, you’ll witness a RafflePress welcome screen where you need your place license key. 

You may find your license key information on the rafflePress website under your rafflePress account. 

Put in your key and click on the ‘Verify’ tab and then save your changes. 

You are now ready to create a TikTok giveaway contest in WordPress. 

6. Select a template for your TikTok giveaway contest. 

To choose a template, navigate to RafflePress >>Giveaways>>Add New.  

Then, on the next screen, first, enter a name for your Giveaway into the box next to ‘Giveaway Name’ and then select a template.  

You can see that the plugin comes with various pre-made templates that you can choose from. Your screen will look like this.  

You can select any of the pre-made templates. We are using a Classic template for this tutorial.  

Now, go ahead, hover your mouse over the template, and then click on the ‘Select this template’ option.  

7. Enter your giveaway details. 

After selecting the template, a drag-and-drop giveaway builder will open. Now, it’s time to enter your details. 

Select the box that says ‘My Awesome Prize.’ On the right side, an editing panel will open. Enter an attractive prize title and a description of your prize into the box below the title.  

Then, scroll down and insert the picture of your prize by simply clicking on the ‘Select Image’ option. You can select the image from your WP media library, or you can upload the image directly from your computer. All these will help you to entice users and encourage them to participate in your contest. 

Once you are happy with your settings, move ahead and click on the ‘Done Editing’ tab. 

Next, you can determine the start and end time of your TikTok giveaway contest from the left-hand menu. Or you can manually end your giveaway at any moment. 

To schedule your TikTok contest, simply enter your preferred date and time and save your changes.

8. Set up how visitors can enter your giveaway contest.  

After entering the prize details, next, you need to decide how the visitors can participate in your TikTok giveaway contest.  

You’ll find this setting under the ‘Action’ tab in your left menu. Navigate to ‘Actions’ to see different entry methods.

The plugin divides the entry method based on specific goals like getting more subscribers, more social engagement, and more traffic. You can decide what you want and move ahead with it. Navigate to the heading and choose your entry methods. 

For instance, you can choose the ‘Follow us on TikTok’ option to grow your followers and ‘View a TikTok post/video’ to boost your engagement. 

In order to select the entry action, simply choose the action you like to add to your giveaway widget.  Now, you need to click on the actions to view and configure its settings. 

You will see the following settings for each action. 

  • Title:  Set a title like ‘Follow us on TikTok’ 
  • Value: Decide the number of entries that particular action is worth 
  • Make Mandatory: You can make ‘following’ a requirement for entry 
  • Allow Daily Entries: Decide whether you want users to complete this action daily  
  • TikTok URL: Paste the URL of your TikTok profile you want users to follow 

Set all these settings as you want and then click on the next entry action that you choose, which is ‘View TikTok post/video.’  

You can set all the settings for this action similar to the above. However, the last setting is slightly different from it.

How to embed the code?

In the TikTok URL option, you need to enter the embed code of the relevant TikTok video or post. 

For this, open a new browser tab and visit the video or post that you want to add to your giveaway contest. Then simply click on the ‘Embed’ tab, which will generate a popup. Then, click on the ‘Copy Code’ option and switch back to your giveaway settings. 

Now, place the code into the ‘TikTok Post Embed Code’ option.  

This allows viewers to watch your video right from your giveaway widget, which is a great and profitable method to keep them on your site for longer. 

Till now, you have configured both entry methods.  

But, it is crucial to note that only TikTok users can take part in your contest with these settings. If you desire to increase your audience, you can also add additional methods, such as by subscribing to your email newsletter or following you on Instagram in a similar manner.    

For this, simply click on add actions and then follow the same configuration settings. 

Once you are happy with your settings, scroll up to the top & click on the ‘Save’ tab to store your entry actions. 

9. Set up your TikTok giveaway design 

After setting up your entry actions next you need to customize the look of your TikTok giveaway. For this, head over to the design tab.  

Once done, you can design your giveaway appearance to match your website theme and create an engaging TikTok giveaway contest in WordPress so that more and more people join your contest. You can change the layout, font style, button color, background image, and more. Additionally, you can also change the TikTok template design using custom CSS. 

When you are comfortable with your design, click on the ‘Save’ tab to store your settings. 

10. Configure your TikTok giveaway settings 

Next, you need to configure additional settings that allow you to run your contest smoothly. RafflePress comes with plenty of settings. Here, most of the settings are self-explanatory, but here we will offer you an outline of each. 

RafflePress comes with the following giveaway settings: 


In this, you’ll get basic giveaway settings, such as you can change your giveaway name, permalink, show/hide winners, total entries, and more.  

Giveaway Rules:

 In the next setting, you need to enter your contest rules and terms of service. The plugin includes a Rules Generator that allows you to quickly create rules for your contest based on the details you enter. For this, click on the ‘Generate Rules’ tab, enter the contest details, and click on the ‘Generate tab.’ This will create basic rules for your contest. Besides this, you also need to ensure to follow all the local laws and TikTok advertising guidelines. 

Email Verification:

 In this setting, you can decide whether you want visitors to confirm their email addresses before entering the contest. Simply toggle the ‘Contestants Must Confirm Their Email’ button from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ to enable this. This will also enable you to raise your email list effortlessly. 

Success Tracking: 

In the next settings, you can track your contest’s success if you use Google Analytics on your site. Simply add the code script to track when visitors converted or entered your giveaway. 

Success Redirect:

Next, you can redirect contestants to a custom thank you page or another URL after they enter your giveaway. 

Social Logins:

 In this setting, you can allow users to log in to the contest via Facebook. For this, simply toggle the ‘Allow logging in with Facebook’ from ‘No’ to ‘Yes.’ 


Next, GDPR is the European law that gives Europeans more control over their personal information. This setting includes a GDPR consent checkbox and message. To ensure you’re GDPR compliant, enable the ‘GDPR Consent’ toggle. 


Now, to prevent spam and fake entries to your TikTok giveaway contest, enable invisible ReCAPTCHA, which blocks spam effectively. 


The last setting allows you to integrate your giveaway with 3rd party tools and software. So, that was all about the settings. Once you are happy with your modifications, don’t forget to click on the ‘Save’ tab to store your changes.  

11. Promote your TikTok Giveaway. 

Up to this point, you’ve successfully created a TikTok Giveaway contest in WordPress to increase visitors, drive sales, and expand your business. You can promote your giveaway after or before publishing it. You can promote your giveaway before it goes live. In this manner, you may develop excitement among your visitors and audience about your contest, making it go viral and driving more and more visitors to it straight away. 

There are plenty of effective techniques you can employ to promote your TikTok giveaway contest and get the word out to reach a wider audience to generate buzz around your exciting giveaway. 

The easiest way to advertise your giveaway is through social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer an easy way to connect with followers and potential participants, letting them know about the amazing prizes up for grabs. 

You can also leverage the capability of email newsletters to share the news with your loyal audience and get them excited to participate. And if you’re looking to expand your reach even further, consider reaching out to influencers in your industry to help spread the word. 

Another effective strategy is to promote your giveaway directly on TikTok itself. This can be an easy and effortless way to engage your audience & get them excited about your contest. Make sure to create eye-catching videos that showcase your prizes and encourage people to participate.  

Furthermore, you can promote your giveaway on your site. And to generate a sense of urgency and excitement, consider running a countdown timer on your site to let people know how much time is left to enter the giveaway. 

All of these strategies can be incredibly effective in spreading the word about your TikTok giveaway contest. These can generate a huge amount of buzz and get tons of people excited to participate.  

12. Publish & Add the Giveaway to the WordPress site.  

Once you’ve covered everything, it’s time to make your TikTok giveaway live on your site. For this, go ahead and select the ‘Publish’ tab. There you’ll see three different ways to make your contest live, such as Raffel WP block, using a shortcode, and creating a landing page.

Here we’ll discuss all the methods, but we like the landing page method the most. 

i. Using ‘RaffelPress WordPress Block.’ 

Now select the first option you see, ‘RaffelPress WordPress Block.’ This method allows you to add the giveaway to a post/page by using the RaffelPress WordPress Block. 

Simply add a new post/page or open an existing one where you like to add the giveaway. Once there, click on the ‘+’ tab and then type in ‘RafflePress.’

Once you see it, add the block to your post or page and then click on the dropdown option. Choose your TikTok Giveaway and publish or update your page to make your contest live on your site.  

ii. Using WordPress shortcode. 

The next option is to add the giveaway to any post, page, or widget area. To go ahead with this method, click on the ‘WordPress shortcode’ option, and it will display the shortcode along with instructions on how you can add it.  

Simply copy the shortcode & paste it to your WP post or pages.  

iii. Giveaway Landing page 

We prefer this option because by creating a separate landing page, you can easily promote your giveaway by easily sharing it on your social media. 

Go and select the ‘Giveaway Landing page’ option and then choose the ‘Click Here’ link. On the next screen, in the ‘Page Permalink’ option, enter the URL where you want to publish the Landing page.  

Next, Click on the ‘view’ tab. This will publish your giveaway landing page effortlessly.

You can now visit the URL to see your TikTok giveaway contest in action. 

13. Choose your TikTok Giveaway Winner. 

After creating a TikTok giveaway contest in WordPress and making your contest live, the next step is to choose your contest winner. 

If you previously chose to end your contest manually, click on the ‘End now’ tab. If you set up the end time, let the contest end and choose a winner at random. 

With RafflePress choosing a contest winner is fair and easy. From your admin dashboard, head over to RafflePress >> Giveaways. Then, click on the ‘Needs Winners’ link from your right. 

On the next screen, you can witness all the participants along with the number of entries they have. Click on the ‘Pick Winner’ tab. Choose how many winners you want and whether the winners must be from verified emails only or can be from unverified emails as well. Then, click on the ‘Choose Winner Now’ tab.

You will see the contest winner highlighted at the top of your list. Now, email the winner and let them know the good news. 

Moreover, you can also ask the winner to create and provide a TikTok video displaying the prize so that you can show your audience that you and your contest are genuine and real. You can then utilize the video on your social media to entice and encourage more visitors to your brand and become loyal customers.  

14. Follow up with your participants. 

The next step is to remain in touch with all of your participants, including those who did not win. You can accomplish this by creating a video, making an appearance on social media, or sending them an email to thank them for participating in your contest and to encourage them and invite them to take part in your next contest. This will enable you to develop and strengthen your connections with a large audience, eventually converting them into devoted followers. 

15. Evaluate your giveaway results. 

That’s it. You’ve successfully created and completed your TikTok giveaway! Now, it’s time to assess the data and see how it performed. This step is crucial as analyzing results can supply valuable insights into what worked and what didn’t. By doing so, you can modify your strategy for your next giveaway and increase your chances of achieving even greater success.  

Create an engaging TikTok giveaway contest in WordPress! 

Creating and running a contest can be daunting in the beginning, but with the right knowledge and tool like RaffelPress, creating a TikTok giveaway contest in WordPress gets easy. Hosting a contest can be a powerful way to boost your brand’s reach and engagement on social media. 

Here we’ve covered everything in a step-by-step approach to help you better understand everything. By following these effective steps, you can ensure that your contest runs smoothly and effectively. From setting clear rules and goals to promoting your giveaway on TikTok and other social media platforms, there are many ways to make your contest a success. Also, ensure to choose a prize that resonates with your target audience and analyze your results to learn what worked and what didn’t. With the right strategy and little creativity, a TikTok giveaway contest in WordPress can be a fun and smart way to engage with your audience and grow your online presence.  

So, create your first TikTok Giveaway Contest in WordPress and attain your business goals effectively!

You can also see our easy guide on creating an online poll in WordPress. 


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