22 new tactics to promote your blog post

 22 new tactics to promote your blog post

Have you created a blog that is not getting enough attention that you expected? Don’t worry! You are required to put some extra effort into helping it reach the heights. This article will explain the strategies that will help you promote your blog post. 

High-quality content creation is only a part of maintaining a successful blog. In addition to this, you will need to work on blog promotion strategies to attract and increase traffic to your site. 

You will need a great plan of action to launch your blog post; otherwise, things can fall apart during its execution.

Here is the blog promotion checklist that will help you to learn the tactics to make your blog successful in the long run.

These are easy and cost-effective strategies for blog promotion.

Read on to find and implement on yours. Before diving into the blog promotion checklist, let us explain the benefits of blog promotion.

What are the benefits of Blog Promotion?

You might be thinking, why blog promotion? Are the content creation efforts not enough that you will require blog promotion?

No, only strong content can’t help you to reach a higher position on SERPs and attract traffic to your site. Without a proper blog promotion plan, all the efforts you put in can go into a vein.

Following are the benefits of a proper blog promotion that can help you make a hit.

  • With proper planning, the blog’s execution becomes more effortless and provides you with the expected results. It helps you prevent delays.
  • This helps you gather more organic traffic and improve your search presence in the SERPs.
  • It teaches you better content management. You can organize your task and keep yourself on track with the right plan and tools. This will help you provide more quality content on a regular basis and help your site grow.
  • It teaches you better-organized marketing. It can help you put your efforts in a line. Whenever your blog goes live, it will help people know about its existence. It will help you structure your promotional strategies and reach the blog to its targeted audience.

Planned Blog promotion is more like following a standard procedure to promote blogs. It depends on how you manage your time and activities.

Phase-by-phase blog promotion will add additional benefits and make sure that the execution process won’t seem huge.

Blog promotion checklist

Without any further delay, let us suggest the blog promotion tactics you can implement to boost your search presence.

  1. Guest posting
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Email marketing
  4. Paid marketing
  5. Blogger’s outreach
  6. The Newsletter
  7. LinkedIn Syndication
  8. Response to every single comment
  9. Podcasting
  10. Promotion on online forums
  11. Speak at events
  12. Comments on other blogs
  13. Create a Blog Alliance
  14. Use reciprocal sharing sites.
  15. Use content aggregators
  16. Social bookmarking sites
  17. Create blogs on fresh topics
  18. create video content
  19. Include eye-catchy visuals in your blogs
  20. List posting
  21. Creating data-driven content
  22. Update and upgrade old content

Let’s dive into the details of the blog promotional checklist.

1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is the most effective method to promote your blog.

Although it’s hard to get traffic from your guest post to your website, you need to put your guest blogging efforts in the right way.

All you need is to create the best content for relevant blogs or sites in your niche with a great number of followers and subscribers.

Along with this, enclose a link in your author bio to a landing page on your website where visitors can find more related content or details of your products or services.

This will not boost traffic to your site overnight, but it will expose your brand in front of your potential niche leaders and audience and boost your site authority and help you recognize as a topical expert in your niche.

You can find the guest blogging opportunity for your niche by visiting the sites like OnTopList. It can help you find the blogs or websites in your niche that may allow guest posting.

After finding the blogs or websites, you can check their domain authority and determine whether they provide good link values. You can use the backlink analytical tool from semrush, Ahrefs and Moz. This may help because the more the site authority, the more easily it can rank in Google. 

After confirming the blogs or websites for guest posting, create the best content and practice guest posting consistently. This way, guest posting will benefit you in the long run.

2. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is another great way for blog promotion. Sharing content or blogs on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc., is a great way to get more exposure and visibility in front of a larger audience and help you reach your targeted audience. All these will ultimately increase your social share and traffic to your site.

But, all these will work if done in the right way. You need to implement a proper social media marketing strategy.

  • Add social media icons to your site.
  • Add a link to your site’s landing in your social media bio.
  • Make social media posts more attractive and catchy.
  • Post your blogs on a regular basis.
  • On social media platforms, join social groups to share your content.
  • Interact with your audience and react to them.

Social media platforms need more attention than you think. It is not just you post when needed and cut it off. It requires two-way engagement and proper interaction. You need to maintain a constant presence on each social media platform. You can communicate with your audience, respond to their comments and answer their questions.

3. Email marketing

Another way to promote blogs is Email marketing. It is an easy and cost-effective method to involve your subscribers in your latest blog post.

 It is effective only if done right; otherwise, your audience might receive hundreds of emails that may get unnoticed. You can notify your readers or subscribers about your new post using emails. One thing you should keep in mind is that it should not be more much informal. You should use personal or informal language to help build a relationship with your readers, keep users hooked with your content, and improve their engagement on your blog.

Include the name of the reader to give it a more personalized touch, use simple sentences, highlight the topic in your subject, include graphics, and link to the post. Lastly, ask your readers to comment and share your content with those who might be interested in reading the latest release.

4. Paid Marketing

If you are not on a budget, you can consider paid marketing to promote your blog. In this strategy, you need to pay for marketing your blog.

This is a great way to present your content in front of your targeted audience quickly. Also, its result can be seen early than the other promotional tactics.

There are different ways for paid marketing. Its result features on SERPs and social media platforms. Let’s take a look.

  • Search engine marketing

Promotion on search engine result pages using paid marketing is called search engine marketing (SEM). In this method, targeted keywords are bid, and the highest bid gets featured on SERPs.

You can use Google ads for search engine marketing. Another thing you should be clear in with paid promotion is your budget. Keep your budget fixed for a specific ad, and do not overspend if it doesn’t turn out well. Also, make sure you have a quality ad campaign.

  • Social media ads

Social media ads are another type of paid marketing for blog promotion.

There are different social media platforms for marketing, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These ads target users based on their interests.

You can create Video Ads on Facebook, Carousel Ads on Instagram, Promoted Pins on Pinterest, Promoted Tweets on Twitter and Sponsored Content on LinkedIn. You need to consider where your target audience hangs out and which format ( images, videos or text ) you want to create your social media campaign and budget.

After that, design your ads keeping mobile users in mind because most users login to social media using a mobile phone.

Besides the leading social media platforms, you can also consider Reddit.

Reddit holds around 17 million monthly users and is one of the major online communities. People of different interests use it to find content relevant to their interests, and you can also target your niche audience there. Also, it is cheaper than other social media sites.

5. Bloggers’ outreach

Blogger’s outreach is another possible way to promote a blog. This strategy involves getting support from well-established bloggers or influencers by putting your content or product in front of them to help it reach the targeted audience by offering a fee or backlink, product, or service in return. 

You can mention bloggers and influencers on your social media and promote their content to get noticed by them.

Also, you can build relationships with them so that they can mention you back. 

Additionally, finding broken backlinks on their sites and offering them similar content will help you get backlinks.

With this, you can acquire high-quality backlinks, boost traffic to your site and expand your reach.

6. The Newsletter

Another great way to promote your blogs is the email Newsletter. 

The Newsletter is often confused with email marketing, but both are different and fulfil different intents. The newsletters are simple and written in an informal tone addressing one person and appear like more personal emails.

They do not intend to promote sales. They intend to share more value and build trust.

Therefore, newsletters should be simple and content-focused without many graphics. You can include a quick intro along with a link to the post.

7.LinkedIn Syndication

LinkedIn is a different social media platform designed for professionals that have around 830 million users at present.

However, most people still don’t talk much about LinkedIn, which is great for us. This suggests that it is majorly untapped. Therefore, you can use LinkedIn for your blog promotion. 

You can repost your post on it, Promote your blogs, and it will expose you in front of your targeted audience.

You can build a relationship with your audience and boost traffic to your site.

8. Respond to Every Single Comment

Interaction with your readers is very important for building trust, and it establishes you as an authority site. Reacting to your every comment will create interest in your users and help them stick to your site. 

Creating quality content and responding to users’ comments boost trust in your readers and signifies to them that you do care about your readers. Also, it clears their doubts regarding the topic and presents you as a topical expert in front of them.

When you practice this on a regular basis, you end up building a loyal community which will reflect in your ranking on SERPs.

9. Podcasting and Podcast Bonuses

Podcasting is the audio files you can create and upload to the web. Podcast users are increasing every month, so it does have a bright future. The podcast can be another platform for blog promotion. You can create your own podcast or become a podcast guest, and there you can promote your blog. You can create bonuses for every podcast to keep your listeners engage. Keep your podcast bonus related to the podcast you talked about. You can ask your listeners to subscribe to get the podcast bonus. You can also direct them to your complete guide on your website. This way, you can gain listeners, subscribers, and loyal readers.

10. Promote your blog in online forums

Online forums could be another effective way to promote your blog. 

An online forum is where people of the same niche hang out and discuss topics related to their niche. You can join an online community or group where you can interact and contribute your creations. You can also promote your blog post there. It’s a good chance to target your niche audience.

Online forums also give you a chance to present yourself as an expert in your field.

Be regular on forums to build trust and engage your readers with your blog. Make sure to answer people’s questions and provide them with quality replies and links to helpful resources.

You can use Quora and Reddit or visit the FindAForum site to find forums related to your niche.

There you can find the forum by entering your niche in the search bar or hovering over the categories section. You will get a list of forums related to your niche.

11. Speak at Events

Speaking at conferences and events could be another way to promote your blog. You can talk about your new release, its pros and cons and how it will benefit the users. Talking in front of hundreds of people can help you reach a new audience, and you may get some potential readers. Although it will not grow traffic to your site, you may get some interested readers and also, you will meet other speakers who are doing amazing in your niche. It will help create a relationship or friendship with them.

It’s no doubt that talking with someone in person and sending them emails are two different things. In-person meetings hit differently. 

This supports great when you are starting your blog journey. It helps you create professional and personal connections that will help you raise in your niche.

12. Leave useful Comments on Other Blogs

Commenting on other leading blogs in your niche can help you get the attention of the blog owners and other commenters. Your sound and useful comments might encourage them to check your blogs. You may earn some readers and even get an invitation for guest posting.

Most important of all, you will build good relations that may help you in the near future.

Note: Never include links to your blog in your comments. It will ruin everything. 

13. Create a Blog Alliance

Blog alliance is creating a friendship with other bloggers of your niche.

You can talk about the things related to blogging, tools, newsletters, pattern, tactics and much more, as it feels great to talk with someone who belongs to our niche. Both can share effective things, which can help both reach the heights. 

Therefore, if someone is there in your niche at the same level as you are, you can approach them like this-

Hey [Name],

I really love what you’re doing at [Blog Name].

Actually, [Something They Teach] uplifted how I do [Blogging-Related Thing].

If you are interested, I’d love to catch up on Skype sometime and talk shop.


[Your Name]

14. Try reciprocal sharing sites.

You can also utilize a reciprocal sharing site for your blog promotion. 

In this method, you need to share the content of other users on your social media accounts, and, in return, your blog post gets promoted.

To create trust and reliability, you need to be consistent. You can share posts, interact with other users and react to comments on a regular basis to build trust.

Here, we’ll discuss two similar reciprocal sites that work great: Triberr and Viral Content Bee.

 Triberr is a great reciprocal sharing site and is a powerful tool to promote your blog. This will help you boost your content and grow your audience and social reach. You can discover great posts and content to share. Also, it enables you to connect with users with similar interests so that sharing of content becomes more accessible.

It is another great reciprocal sharing site that can help you generate high-quality traffic and boost your social media authority. It helps you promote your content on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. When you share other bloggers’ content, you earn credits.

After earning credits, you can add your blog post to get it promoted.

It works more effectively when you connect with people similar to your niche and share their content.

15. Use Content Aggregators

You may miss out if you only write blogs and publish them on your blogs only. You can leverage your content and bring it in front of a larger audience. For this, you can use content aggregators’ websites. These are similar to content syndication sites. These websites collect content from other sites and republish it on their sites by linking back to the original post.

This way, your blogs can reach a wider audience, promote your blog and attract new visitors to your site.

Some popular content aggregators sites are Alltop, Popurls, The Web List, and WP News Desk.

16. Get your blogs on popular social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites are another platform to promote your blogs. 

These sites are used to read and save a specific article or web page, and users can access their bookmarks from any device.

You can use social bookmarking sites to share your blog posts with new readers. Once your content is listed on social bookmarking sites or shared through it, it can increase traffic to your blog.

Members can also ‘upvote’ their favourite posts, which push them to the top of the list and gain more exposure.

There are plenty of social bookmarking sites that you can choose from. The most popular bookmarking websites are Flipboard, Digg, and Pocket. 

Subreddits on Reddit are also good for sharing your blog with a wide audience searching for more knowledge on a topic.

Similar to Quora, Subreddits are topics you can join and add to the conversation. You can promote your blog here and build your audience.



After choosing the platform, you can participate in it and submit your blog or content to that site.

Your blog’s title should be catchy, and the blog should include a featured image to stand out to promote your content on bookmarking sites.

You can also add a social bookmarking button on your website to allow readers to bookmark your content with ease. 

From here, the strategies will focus on improving your blog’s content.

17. Write Blogs on Fresh and Untouched Topics

If your niche is full of competitors, you need to stand out a little or else you will lose out on creating similar kinds of stuff.

Creating blogs on new, fresh and untouched topics could be a solution. You can create blogs on the topic that your competitors did not cover yet. 

Consequently, search engines will rank your fresh content higher, and it will help you attract your users’ attention.

18. Turn Blog Content Into YouTube Videos



Creating video content for your blogs is another great way to make them stand out. You can create video content from blogs. Also, you can create a video using a mix of your existing blog or creating short videos concerning different topics or describing a particular topic. You can use the strategies or tactics of your high-quality content as a ground for your video content.

This will help you stand out and elevate your search presence.

19. Include eye-catchy Visuals, Charts, and Images in your blogs

Visuals, charts and images catch the readers’ attention and stick them to the post. It also helps them easily understand the meaning of the content. 

Moreover, Google ranks unique visuals on image searches, and different bloggers also use them in their posts.

20. List Posting

List posting is the posts written in list format. These posts include a list of solutions around a particular topic and details on each item on the list to make it more valuable and informative. People prefer list posting because it contains tips and tactics around that topic on a single page. The information in the list way is easy to grab and understand. And for authors, it is great to create a single authoritative page than create different posts around the same topic.

21. Data-Driven Content

Publishing data-driven content is a great way to stand out from the rest of all. Data-driven content is the content containing research and analysis reports and data that can help users to determine the best strategy or tactics. Readers can trust more when something is presented with facts.

22. Update and Upgrade Old Content

Content with old data and tactics can stop you from reaching the deserving heights. Improving and updating your outdated posts can boost and increase traffic to your site. You can include the up-to-date tactics that are working in the present and replace old visuals and images with fresh ones. People prefer up-to-date content, which will surely give you a raise.

To Conclude-

In this competitive era, reaching higher on SERPs is not that easy. Website owners and bloggers need to work extraordinarily to stand out.

Besides SEO and creating unique and strong content, website owners also need to make efforts to promote their blogs. They need to spend time creating a great blog promotional strategy to put their content in front of a wider audience on different platforms. Without a good promotion strategy, it would be difficult for your blog to gain traffic to your site.

Another thing that can affect your blog outreach is your budget, skills, timeframe and the involved strategy.

We have discussed a lot of blog promotional strategies above. Some of them will help you improve your blog’s content, and others will help you promote your blog.

We do not suggest using all the promotional strategies at once because you’ll mess up, and not all tactics will be suitable for your niche.

You can start with a few strategies and analyze what works best for you. Depending on your content and your audience, the effectiveness of the tactics could differ.

All the tactics discussed above are great and will help you promote your blog effectively.

Whichever strategy you choose, try making it the best as much as you can.

We hope this blog promotional checklist has helped you learn how to promote your blog post.

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