Discover the top Table of Contents plugin for WordPress

Do you wish to add a Table of Contents plugin in WordPress to boost your readability and enhance user experience? If yes, you might be looking for the best Table of Contents plugin for WordPress. 

Providing a seamless user experience on a website is crucial, and a table of contents plugin can be the key to your success. It can help you create a well-structured and user-friendly website and boost your various aspects of SEO. In this blog post, we’ll list top-performing Table of Contents plugins to cut down your search and help you select the best plugin among all. 

What is a table of content?

 A table of content is a section that includes links to different sections of your content and help users easily navigate the section/information they are looking for. This means a table of contents gives your users the idea or outline of your content, along with the links to navigate it.  

Why should you use a table of contents plugin in WordPress?

Adding a table of contents plugin in WordPress is a great way to boost your SEO. Most users want the answer to their query quickly, without wanting to scroll down the lengthy content. By adding a table of contents, you can easily organize your content into sections and help your audience easily navigate longer posts and pages by clicking the link and jumping to the desired section. The plugins can automatically generate and add the table of contents section and improve the discoverability, accessibility, and readability, boosting user experience and engagement of your blog posts and pages. 

In addition to the users, the table of content can also help Google to understand, index, and rank your content in search results. 

How to add a table of contents in WordPress?

You can add a table of contents in different ways, i.e., manually, as well as using a plugin. To manually add a table of contents to your posts or pages, you can either write an HTML code or CSS or use advanced settings in the block editor. However, this can be daunting for novice users as even the tiniest mistake can prevent your table of contents from working properly. The simplest and easiest way to add a table of contents is to use a plugin. Whether you are running a blog, an informative site, or a magazine, a table of contents can enhance your SEO and help you grow.

1. Heroic Table of Contents

The first table of contents plugin for WordPress in our list is Heroic Table of Contents. It’s a simple, functional, and above all, 100% free plugin that can help you organize your content and enhance the navigation on your posts or pages.

It’s a user-friendly plugin that provides you with a WordPress block that you can employ to add a table of contents to your pages and posts. It comes with four pre-designed table styles, including rounded, outlined, contrasted, and gray, that you can choose from and select the style for your table of contents. In addition, you can use numbers, bullets, or plain text in the table, relabel or hide your headings without changing the original content, show an expanded or collapsed icon, and more for your table of contents. 

The plugin is completely mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly, and thus you can use it without worrying about the user experience or loading time of your site.

2. Easy Table of Contents

The next Table of Contents plugin on our list is Easy Table of Contents. It’s a favored plugin that easily lets users add a table of contents not only to posts or pages but also to landing pages and custom post types. 

It’s an easy-to-use plugin that automatically picks up the headings from the content and generates a listing. Also, the plugin offers an auto-insert functionality for including the table of contents in distinct post types. 

In addition, it comes with various customization choices. For instance, you can change the table’s width, change the font size, select the number of headings you like to use in your table of content, pick a theme, etc. 

Moreover, the plugin ‘Easy Table of Contents’ is compatible and works well with the WordPress block editor, classic editor, and page builders like Elementor, Divi, and more.

3. Joli Table of Contents

Joli Table of Contents is a lightweight and SEO-friendly table of contents plugin for WordPress that does not impact your site’s performance. This is because the table of contents only loads when the user scrolls to it. 

In addition, the plugin generates a responsive table of contents, so there’s no need to optimize the table for different devices. The plugin is user-friendly and comes with various customization options that you can adjust as you desire. To change the appearance of the table of contents, it includes two themes and four free icons for collapsing and expanding the buttons. In addition to this, you can change the font size, adjust the table’s width, select a numbering prefix, etc.

So, if you are looking to add a table of content without impacting your site’s performance, Joli Table of Contents can be a good choice.


As the name suggests, SimpleTOC is the most simple and easy-to-use plugin. The plugin comes with standard features and does not offer advanced customization choices.

It provides a SimpleTOC block that you can use in your WordPress editor to add a simple table of contents to your posts easily. That’s it; you don’t need to configure additional settings to use the plugin. If you wish, you can control all the settings from the content editor.  

In the SimpleTOC plugin, you can set the minimum and maximum heading levels for your table of contents, show or hide the table’s headings, etc. 

5. CM Table of Contents

The next feature-rich table of contents plugin on our list is CM Table of Contents, which is beginner-friendly and easy to use.

The plugin allows you to select the post types, such as blog posts, custom pages, specific pages, and sidebar widget areas, to which you want to add the table of contents. Also, you can collapse and expand your table in your content easily. 

The plugin enables you to customize the appearance of your table of contents with various styling options. You can effortlessly change the color, size, and style of every level of your table of content, and it also lets you show it in one or two columns.

The best thing? The CM Table of Contents plugin comes with several performance settings that allow you to optimize the performance and prevent delays in loading the table of contents. 

6.LuckyWP Table of Contents. 

 The last table of contents on our list is the LuckyWP Table of Contents.

It comes with various customization options, allowing you to adjust the appearance of your table of content. You can match the table of content with your brand using the pre-built color schemes as well as adjust the additional settings such as the width, font size, and more as you like. You can use the bullet points and numbers listing in the table.

If you want to use the LuckyWP Table of Contents, you can add it using three different ways, such as a widget, a shortcode, or a WordPress content editor block.

To Conclude:

For beginners, manually adding a table of content can be daunting, but the plugins make it much easier and let you easily create and add a responsive table of contents effortlessly. There are various table of contents plugins available in the market that you can use to enhance your user navigation, engagement, and experience easily. In this blog, we have covered the six best-dedicated table of contents plugins for WordPress to cut down your search and choose the best plugin for your website.  

So, discover the plugin that suits you best and let your users navigate your posts and pages seamlessly. We hope this guide has helped you in picking the best table of contents for your site. 

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